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Objective measure of fish appetite and feeding patterns

Real-time dashboard to monitor fish behavior and optimize feeding cycles

Advanced hydroacoustic technology
CageEye gathers data on fish positioning in the cage from the installed transducers. Real-time data and logging of past feeding cycles gives the farmer objective information to optimize production. The system is a result of 7 years of development and over 30 years of research in collaboration with Norwegian Institute of Marine Research and the University of Oslo.

Complete overview of the underwater situation in the cage

CageEye is a decision-making tool to increase control and optimize fish production. Fish density is measured throughout the cage and visualized with real-time echogram images. Correlated with feeding patterns, fish density offers unique insights into fish appetite.

Make informed decisions

See activity during feeding and stop at the right time. Save money and the environment.

Dashboard with live view and recorded data

It provides the farmer with a live view and historic log of fish behavior and fish density of the feeding area.

CageEye monitors the underwater situation continuously. The system has been user tested for many years, both as research tool and in commercial farms, and proved as both reliable and with low-maintenance.

Reliable and low-maintenance

No fouling when the sensor is enabled. Designed with a weatherproof double enclosure and a robust radiolink.

Easy to install

Installation by means of two anchorage points or free hanging from a hoop. Easy to remove when needed.

Suitable for remote control

CageEye is ideal for remote operations and can be integrated with external feeding systems. The dashboard is also designed for use with mobile devices.

Suitable with camera systems

CageEye can be used alone or as a complement to an existing camera system.

Independent of light or visibility

CageEye uses advanced hydroacustics which does not require good visibility or light.


The fully automatic feeding system of CageEye is being tested and documented in multiple research projects with the the collaboration of the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, the University of Melbourne and the University of Bergen.

We respond to your needs
Feel free to give us your input or ideas to how we can ease your task of feeding fish. We listen to our customers.

The last version of the CageEye system works great for feed monitoring and log of feeding response. We strongly belive hydroacustics will be a regular tool in fish farming within a few years, especially for monitoring and for automation of feeding.

Ole Folkedal, Researcher in Group of Animal Welfare at Institute of Marine Research

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