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About us

Flexible and competent partner
CageEye has many decades of experience with instrumentation and hydroacustics. We specialise in monitoring tools for fish farming and analysis of hydroacustics, but our competence covers everything from analog front-end machine-ware to software for end users.
A new company, with long history
Lindem Data Acquisition (LDA) started hydroacustic post-processing in 1975, and echo-sounder for aquaculture in the end of 1980s. In 2017 we changed our name to CageEye as part of commercializing our main product.

Contact Information

Contact us at or contact directly one of our employees. Our offices are at Frysjaveien 40, entrance 7, 0884 Oslo, Norway. Kart

Joakim Myrland
Chief Innovation Officer
(+47) 47 61 51 47
Bendik S. Søvegjarto
Chief Executive Officer
Niklas Johansson
Chief Supply Chain Officer
(+47) 406 11 466
Ole Fretheim
Chief Sales Officer
(+47) 907 46 701
Dr. Torfinn Lindem
Co-founder and physicist, hydroacoustics and instrumentation
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Dr. Helge Balk
Physicist, hydroacoustics
Boris Staal
Software Engineer